“As you may already know that Childline KZN is an organisation that is committed to serving abused and vulnerable children. Over 400 000 calls are received on an annual basis in relation to children who have been abused.

Childline KZN embarks on the journey of restoring dignity back into the lives of these vulnerable children by the various intervention, prevention, counselling and education programmes amongst a host of other assistance offered.

In order to execute these services, funds are consistently needed to ensure that the good work in HEALING does not seize, with a view to this, our 2015 Telethon takes place on 13th and 14th of October.

We CANNOT do anything without your assistance, we humbly appeal to you for the following:

Give us just an hour of your time
Participate by calling up 5 to 10 of your key contacts to pledge to Childline KZN ( no matter how little the amount is, it will all add up if more of us make these calls)

With this early notification, you have the opportunity to engage your contacts well in advance informing them of your participation so that they too are ready to contribute.

Childline KZN prays that you see the value in being a part of our 2015 Telethon, together we CAN and WILL change lives.