Who is Childline KZN

Childline KZN is a non-profit organisation whose main purpose is the development of a society FREE of child abuse in which every person takes responsibility for promoting the protection and RIGHTS.

What it does?

Childline KZN has developed age specific therapeutic programmes, which are utilized to facilitate disclosure and the healing process for children of abuse. The therapeutic process allows children to develop trust and build a relationship with the social worker, which in turn enables victims to disclose abuse in a safe environment and thus promote the start of the healing process. The purpose of the therapeutic program is:

  • To render therapeutic intervention to physical, emotional and sexually abused at 10 sites around KZN
  • To provide therapeutic intervention to the families of child victims to enhance family functioning
  • To prepare and provide support to the child complainant and the family during the court process.
  • To provide a court support programme at the Durban Magistrate Court.
  • To offer groupwork to children and parents of children affected by sexual abuse.
  • To render after hours debriefing services to families of children who have been abused, neglected and exploited.
  • To render awareness program to educate the community about child abuse.

Childline’s objective is to:

  • To provide a children’s crisis counselling helpline
  • To work to reduce the prevalence of child abuse
  • To offer therapy to those affected by child abuse
  • To advocate and develop capacity on children’s rights

The services offered are the following:

  1. Victim empowerment is aimed at empowering abused .
  2. Outreach programmes that focuses on education, awareness and prevention programmes.
  3. Child Justice Programme that provides rehabilitation for child sex offenders below the age of 18 years.
  4. Crisis line
  5. Parenting workshops
  6. Court Support
  7. Schools programmes
  8. Adult survivors
  9. Offender programme