Therapeutic healing centres

When a shy, frightened 5-year old child was asked if her grandfather had hurt her when he sexually abused her, she responsed, “Only in my heart.” Long term effects that are frequently reported and associated with sexual abuse include depression, self – destructive behavior, anxiety, feelings of isolation and stigma, poor self – esteem, difficulty in trusting others, tendency toward re-vicimisation and sexual maladjustment.

Early identification of sexual victims appears crucial to the reduction of suffering and enhancement of psychological development, for healthier adult functioning and the well – being of society. A critical component of Childline KZN’s service delivery is the provision of emotional healing to children who have been sexually abused. Mediums of play therapy and group work are used to heal children from the trauma of abuse and the deep wounds caused by the trauma.

  • To create awareness of the toll – free crisis line to obtain support and advice 24/7

Some of our areas of focus

Siyakhanyisa Programme

  • Positive parenting
  • Exhibition Events Confrences
  • Development of strategic partnerships to protect children
  • Child participation conference
  • Training communities to protect children