In a democratic society, it is vital that people hae a voice in the processes that affect their lives. Childline KwaZulu – natal envisions a society in which the survivors of child abuse are treated with dignity and respect and violations of the vulnerable are eliminated.

To this end Childline participates in media and other significant forums that serve the best interest of children. Our Advocacy is an action directed at contributing to policies, and ensuring the voices of the children are heard. WE URGE YOU TO JOIN US!

Some comments from children..

Lungile 14 years old: I have accepted y mistake and am willing to do good things sometimes to make me happy. I have a dream and vision that I never had before I started attending Childline. I am afraid to get involved with girls although they find me attractive. I am growing without a father figure and I need guidance of how and what it is to b a man.

Khulekani 15 years old: There are so many changes in my life since I stared attending Childline. It was difficult for me to come to Childline every Friday because I thought its just a waste of time. Then I have realized it is very important to attend Childline because I learn new things every time. I have new friends and now I know how to communicate with other people. I have learned how to manage stress and make good choices, especially with friends.

Ntuthuko 14 years old: I am very proud to be at Childline. It really helped me a lot and it has changes my life. I have learned a lot from Childline and now I know that if I want a better future I must not do such things. Childline has changed a difficult situation in my life. I am happy because at last I have found someone to talk to who can listen to me, tell me good things and correct my wrong ones. Now I am confident and strong about myself. I know I did wrong but now I have changed because of Childline.