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Court lifts Time Limit on Prosecuting Sexual Offenses

Allegations of sexual assault can be pursued at any time and are no longer restricted to 20 years‚ the High Court in Johannesburg ruled on 19 June 2017. The Constitutional Court has to confirm the high court ruling before it comes into effect. The Constitutional Court confirmation is expected soon. Judge Hartford has given Parliament 18 months to amend the law.

Judge Hartford declared Section 18 of the Criminal Procedure Act unconstitutional when she was ruling on the Frankel Eight case. The eight men and women had filed a civil lawsuit in 2013 against Sidney Frankel. The group accused Frankel of sexually abusing them as children.

Previously, the Act, held that crimes of rape may be prosecuted at any stage, but victims of sexual abuse crimes had to lay charges within 20 years.

Childline KZN Operations Manager, Adeshini Naicker said, “We welcome the ruling as it is a triumph for all sexual abuse victims. Because this applies to all sexual offences, this is more than just a victory for children, it’s also for adult survivors of sexual abuse. Victims dating back more than 20 years might now feel encouraged to report their cases”.

Fuel up to help Childline KZN

Litres for Education is an innovative fundraising campaign that offers South Africans an opportunity to support their local school, charity or community project at no cost to themselves.

We are excited to have joined litresforeducation.co.za – an initiative whereby 10c for every litre of fuel you fill up with at participating garages is donated to your charity of choice.
Our new and rewarding partnership will help you raise funds for Childline KZN. The best part is that there is NO cost involved. You do not pay more for your petrol.


  1. Go to the participating petrol station (list below – more stations coming soon!)
  2. Show the attendant the Childline KZN Donor ID Disc (below) or quote Donor #668
  3. Fill up with petrol
  4. Make sure your attendant writes the sale in the Litres for Education book

There is no need to provide any of your personal details so it is always safe, easy and hassle-free!

You’ve filled your car with petrol and helped Childline KZN earn 10c per litre of petrol you purchase – THANK YOU!

It’s such a worthy cause, be sure to tell all your family and friends so that they can participate too.  Together we’ll create positive changes, one litre at a time.

Thank you for your invaluable support.

The Childline KZN Team


When you fill up at participating petrol stations, 10c per litre of fuel purchased is donated to Childline KZN.

For more information call 031 312 0904 or email developmentofficer@childlinekzn.org.za



  • BP Moore Road, Glenwood
  • BP Bluff, Pick n Pay Centre
  • BP La Lucia, Umhlanga Rocks Drive
  • Engen Bayside, Victoria Embankment (Stalwart Simelane Street)
  • BP Richmond Road, Pinetown
  • Engen 45th, Woolworths Foodstore, Sherwood
  • BP Hillcrest, Hillcrest
  • BP Raisethorpe, Pietermaritzburg
  • Engen Boshoff Street, Pietermaritzburg
  • Engen BB motors, Pietermaritzburg
  • BP Quarry Road, Hilton
  • BP Sibaya, on M4, Ruth First Highway
  • Engen Mitchell Park, Morningside
  • BP Fairways on Main, Howick


  • BP Bedfordview, 73 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview
  • BP Pick n Pay Express Sunnyrock Cnr North Reef & Germiston Road, Edenvale
  • BP Edenvale North, 202 Van Riebeek Avenue, Edenvale

Western Cape:

  • BP De Kuilen, 35 Van Riebeeck Road, Kuilsriver

Childline KZN Educates and Empowers our Children

n June 2017, we hosted a program at Sion Primary school at Bhamshela. The Department of Education and the Department of Social Development spoke to pupils about child protection issues. Remember that if something happens to you, the perpetrator is to blame—not you.

If you are worried about a situation, contact:

•    The South African Police – 10111
•    Childline/Lifeline – 08000 55555


Childline KZN applauds our Youth

June is celebrated as Youth Month in South Africa, with a specific focus on 16 June, which is also known as Youth Day. Youth Day pays tribute to the school pupils who lost their lives during the 1976 uprising in Soweto.

Childline KZN Operations Manager, Adeshini Naicker said, “At Childline KZN we applaud and remember the young people who took centre stage and fought injustices during Apartheid. We recognise the sacrifices made all those years ago and we also celebrate the achievements made by the youth of today. We are aware that young people face many challenges like drug addiction, poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, HIV and illiteracy.

“We honour our youth and try our best to help them face their hardships. As a long-established organisation we have helped young people for the past 30 years. We offer free help, advice, counselling, therapy and support for children and teenagers in KZN. Issues dealt with by Childline KZN range from bullying at school, suicide and exam pressures, to violence in the home and sexual abuse. There are thousands of abused children as our 24-hour Helpline service, receives up to 250,000 calls a year”.

Childline KZN’s Helpline provides an invaluable educative service and continues to be the primary contact point for concerned callers. The toll-free number (08000 555 55), can be accessed every day of the year, from any landline in South Africa. Vodacom, MTN and Cell C also provide the free service to callers on their mobile networks.

Naicker said, “South Africa has the highest rate of rape and child abuse in the world. Children are society’s most vulnerable and they deserve the best possible chance to rebuild their lives after abuse. There are thousands of young people who need to talk to someone about being raped, sexually abused or bullied. Talking to Childline is often the first step that gets an abused child’s life back on track”.

This Friday, as we acknowledge and celebrate our youth, let us work together to ensure that our youth, especially the most vulnerable and marginalised, are equipped with the proper skills and tools needed to lead better lives.

Naicker added, “Childline KZN reinforces that the fight against child abuse is a shared responsibility, which requires every person to take action. Your support can change a life today. Please donate today and help children break the cycle of abuse”.

Please donate to Childline KZN:

  • SMS. SMS hero to 39555. SMS costs R15. You may send as many SMS’s as you wish, but only residents of South Africa can donate via SMS.
  • Debit order. Donate each month with a debit order.  Simply visit www.childlinekzn.org.za/superhero to download the form, or contact Childline KZN’s office and they will send a copy to you.
  • Credit Card. Credit card donations can be made through a secure online portal. Visit www.childlinekzn.org.za/superhero which will take you to a secure site for donations.
  • Bank Deposit. Deposit directly into Childline KZN’s bank account.
    Bank: Nedbank
    Account type: Nedbank Current Account
    Branch: 148 626
    Account number: 100 311 1971
    Account name: Childline KZN

National Child Protection Week – Protecting Children is Everyone’s Responsibility

National Child Protection Week is observed in South Africa annually to raise awareness of the rights of children. The campaign, which began in 1997, also aims to mobilise all sectors of society to ensure the care and protection of children. The theme for this year is “let us protect children to move South Africa forward”. The campaign took place from the 28 May 2017 to 4 June 2017.

It is the right of every child to be protected and it is the responsibility of every South African to ensure that this is upheld. Creating a safe environment for children is imperative. Childline KZN works with the community and our community stakeholders to ensure that children can live in a safer environment. This year, we embarked on several child protection programmes to create awareness on the Protection of Children.

On 31 May 2017, Childline KZN in collaboration with Chatsworth Youth Centre hosted a workshop on bullying. Informative talks were given by the Department of Social Development and the Human Rights Commission. The learners engaged in meaningful group activities and spoke about how they could curb the problem of bullying at schools.

We encourage you to join us in eradicating abuse and creating a safer world for our children. “There are generally three parties to child abuse: the abused, the abuser and the bystander”- Louise Penny.

Let’s not be bystanders.

Should you have any queries kindly contact our Childline office on 031 312 0904 or Clive Pillay, Programmes Co-ordinator at Chatsworth Youth Centre on 061 4292 574.

If you are worried about a situation, contact:

  • The South African Police – 10111
  • Childline/Lifeline – 08000 55555


The Fight Against Child Trafficking Starts With Awareness

Child trafficking is rife in South Africa as it has become one of the fastest growing businesses of organised crime in the world. A victim of child trafficking is forced or lied to and then moved (from their home) in order to be exploited for sexual purposes (rape, porn, prostitution), cheap labour or their body parts.

In some cases, the person can be trafficked without being moved, “ownership” of the person changes from trafficker to trafficker at a fixed location. Children and young people are particularly vulnerable, as perpetrators easily manipulate their victims.

Poverty, hunger and lack of education are fertile grounds for human trafficking. Sadly, some parents are traffickers in the modern-day slavery of their own babies and children. They allow others to sexually exploit their children for financial reasons such as paying off debts. In rural areas, some parents sell their daughters as child brides.

Trafficking rings are sophisticated and there is a whole network of people involved; the perpetrators treat children well in order to gain their trust. Many labour and sex trafficking victims aren’t even aware that they are being abused.

Childline KZN Operations Manager, Adeshini Naicker of Childline KZN said, “Child traffickers use grooming to lure vulnerable youth from poor communities. Grooming is the predatory act of manoeuvring another person into a position that makes them isolated, dependent and likely to trust and more vulnerable to abusive behaviour. It’s a form of brainwashing. The grooming stages include: a predator identifies a victim; collects information on the victim; slowly isolates victim and initiates abuse.

“Many people will be shocked to learn that child trafficking is happening daily along the busiest routes in our country. Vulnerable youth from poor communities often fall prey to traffickers who lure them with promises of a better life in big cities. Children are recruited and moved between cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein”.

In May 2017, the South African Police Service rescued young girls from a sex slave den in Springs (Gauteng). This tragic incident encapsulates the horror and pervasiveness of the crisis facing our country.

There are a growing number of cases but statistics cannot convey the true cost of human suffering. It is easy to forget that behind each number is a face, name and story. There is a child whose worth has been objectified and traded as part of a cruel transaction. Each number represents a criminal that must be brought to justice.

Naicker said, “The reality of child trafficking is that it is a terrible fate for thousands of victims. I urge everyone to be vigilant against traffickers. If people know about traffickers, they must speak out. We need to be alert and create awareness through education as it is an effective tactic in combating trafficking as traffickers’ prey on those that are uninformed. The abuse of young, innocent children is an affront to our values of life, freedom, human dignity and the law. No child should ever have to experience such heinous exploitation”.

If you are worried about a situation, contact:

* The South African Police – 10111

* Childline/Lifeline – 08000 55555

New Appointments

Childline KZN is pleased to announce  the appointment of their new Therapeutic manager Joyclyn Jess Govender is a social worker by profession and was previously employee at Child Welfare.  We wish her everything of the best and look forward to a fruitful and lasting relationship.

Childline KZN is pleased to announce the appointment of Kishendrie Chetty  as our new PR and Fundraising officer . We wish her everything of the best and look forward to a fruitful and lasting relationship.