To the unsung hero….

A SuperHero is a mum who nurses her child back to health from a nagging cold.

A SuperHero is a dad who takes time out to teach his son to drive a car, when his friends are watching the Boks beat the All Blacks.

A SuperHero is a daughter who takes time off work to take her mum to coffee for her birthday.

A SuperHero is an elder brother teaching his younger sibling to tie his laces.

What is the emotional, mental and physical value to a child that is healed, a son that becomes a great giver, a mother who cherishes time spent with her daughter on her birthday and the memory of a brothers love. An act that is seemingly insignificant to the giver means the world to the receiver. You have been a receiver and a SuperHero giver before.

You are a SuperHero!

Childline is thankful for SuperHeroes who have made it possible for children in need to seek much needed support and assistance at a time when they are most vulnerable. We once again call out to you and invite you to be a SuperHero.

Childine KZN is hosting a Telethon from the 17 & 18 October 2017. Come through and meet other budding SuperHeroes who will be calling friends, family and business associates to invite them to be SuperHeroes by getting them to pledge assistance to Childline KZN Network and have fun like the SuperHero you are!

For further information contact:

Sunitha Latiff at Childline KZN

on 031 312 0904

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