TK Foundation Life Skills Programme

This programme aims to empower youth with knowledge and skills to become employable and at the same time develops their capacities and creating avenues to initiate social enterprises thereby breaking this cycle of poverty. Skills development will focus on the following vocations which have been identified through engaging youth in dialogues through our child participation programmes. This includes chefs/cookery, basic and advanced computer skills, sewing skills, and organic farming.THE youth will receive workplace learning which important components of the programme are. At the same time it also aims to develop their soft skills in terms of communication, workplace ethics, and ability to work independently and in teams, adaptability, accountability, good interpersonal skills. Additional training will also focus on marketing tools (preparing a CV and the interview) career guidance, employability skills, personal management skills, labour market information and job search

The group of students who graduated after completion of a one year life skills course

The students went away to Albert Falls Lodge in PMB for an entrepreneurial workshop

Students learning to do bead making

Student received a certificate for completing a computer course